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This is such an amazing product, I bought mine back in the summer. It does take awhile to arrive but it is 1000% worth the wait. 10/10 would recommend

The Modern Ollivander

I have just received my third wand after great anticipation and it is simply perfection. Everything Osborne's Wand Shop creates is a work of art and they truly listen and personalise a wand that is just for you. I will cherish my wands forever and I’m sure it won’t be the last time I purchase either! Isaac and Gina are brilliant at letting you know what’s going on and even though sometimes the wait can be quite lengthy it is beyond worth it.


First wand that I've ordered from Osborne's, and I will definitely be ordering from here again. The detail I got on my legendary wand was exquisite and I'm very excited for cons to start up again so I can use it in my cosplay. Shipping took a while, but considering covid, that's to be expected. Thank you so much!

Love it

I absolutely love my wand it it so beautiful I adore it so so much

Fantastic Wand

Thanks a lot, for this magic instant, you had make a really great work for my Wand conception!!

I live in France so the delevery time was so long (2 months) but the result is really Greatfulll

You could be really proud for that work

Tks a lot

(And sorry for my bad english)

Beautiful Wand!

I have no idea what I was going to expect when I got my wand. This is above and beyond my expectations! I actually felt like I had been chosen by the wand! I also really liked the tag that explained what it was made from and what core it had!

Two Piece Wand Box - Gold Foil Stamp
Love it! Squee!

It’s so pretty! Nicely packaged, great customer service, and wonderful work! Exactly what I wanted and better than expected. Thank you so much! There will be much silly wand waving in this class.

Two Piece Wand Box - Gold Foil Stamp

Everything was beautifully presented

I love my wand it was well worth the wait it made seeing the wand that more amazing to see I will order for him again


Loves my wand

Two Piece Wand Box - Gold Foil Stamp
Exquisite hand craftsmanship

Osbourne's Unique Style, personalization and exquisitely hand-crafted wands Rivals those of even ollivanders I am very happy with my wand it fits me perfectly which is why I highly recommendation for young & old witches and wizards to go to Osborne's to get their wands

I want another

Loves it

Two Piece Wand Box - Gold Foil Stamp
Loves it




Loves it

Might practice the dark arts! In love with my new wands.


Feeling good and magical. Couldn’t be any better.

The questionnaire leaves room for open-ended requests. For my first wand, I filled it out, and all I asked at the end was that the wand has a Chaotic Good vibe. That's the one on the left: "Alder" and "Dragon Heart String". It looks like a simple, modest stick, but the handle looks as if they swirled the end of it around in a cauldron full of melted dragon bone. Metal af.

I tried a similar thing for my second wand, asking for something with a Chaotic Evil vibe, and received the one on the right. "Yew" and "Phoenix Feather". The hilt of this thing looks like a scaly monster is clutching and scraping at the wand with it's claws. The green and black paint job really pulls the aesthetic together too.

If I could afford to keep casually dropping $50-$60 on wands here, I would. The products are beyond worth it. Can't recommend these guys enough, will be buying again at some point.


I ordered a wand based on Dumbledores first wand design, tweaked slightly to suit my own needs. Isaac and Gena went above and beyond to fulfil my order request and I was quite simply, blown away with what they produced. I cannot begin to express my appreciation for Isaac’s skill, the dude works magic of his own. If you want a wand - get it here at the real life Ollivander’s.

Two Piece Wand Box - Gold Foil Stamp
Awesome Wand Box

The wand box is great! Thank you so much!

Slytherin wand

I love the design of my wand it’s even better than what I expected honestly the wait was worth it and the owners treated me with respect and the money was worth spend

I’ll do review of the wand once it arrives, for now I really like the service and you always did your best to contact me as soon as possible to keep me informed

Awesome Wand

This is my second wand from Osborne’s and I love it!

Another beautiful purchase

I ordered a wand of my own a few years ago when they still had an Etsy account, and I knew I wanted one from this shop since the Craftsman on the wands in their photos were umatched. So, when my boyfriend and I were talking about going to a Harry Potter themed even and dressing up for it, I knew exactly where to go for a wand of his own. When I came in, I knew it would be as beautiful as mine and I was not disappointed. Thankyou for all your hard work and for bringing a bit of magic to this muggle world

Great Wand

I got a great wand. It turned out better than I expected. I will probably order another one soon.


I couldn’t have asked for a better wand!!! Seriously this thing is beyond perfect!!! Thank you guys so much for making it for me!!!