Lionheart Blackthorn- Custom Wand

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The Lionheart is a wand designed for domination. Carved from blackthorn wood, it is well suited for a magical warrior. The power channeled with this wood has only been matched by the purest dragon heartstring within a finely carved Japanese Cherry Wand wielded by the master Kirizota Feng.

The Lionheart wand is home to a long Griffin Feather which allows flawless accuracy in the right hands. The Lionheart has become an all time favorite of the United States Magical Law Enforcement. Each Lionheart has a signature lionhead for the pommel of the handle, however the remainder of the wand is unique and separated from any other that is crafted.

**The wand you receive will have a lionhead for the pommel of the handle, but the rest of the design will be unique and different than what is pictured. We pride ourselves in making every wand different.**

Made-to-order: This wand will be ready to ship within 8-12 weeks

Customer Reviews

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Jacob Busby-Smith
Perfect for me!

I love all the details, would definitely recommend!

Kevin Villasuso

Feeling good and magical. Couldn’t be any better.

Lisanne (magic.with.curls)
Lionheart Wand

It's so beautiful! The details are incredible... A musthave for a Gryffindor ;)