Pottermore Replica Custom Wand

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We can create a wooden replica of the wand Pottermore chose for you, or we can create a wand that is truly unique and one of a kind based on your Pottermore stats.


Which option do I choose? 

-If you would like one of Pottermore's original 3 designs, select the design that matches your Pottermore profile. 

-If you would like a wand that is tailored to your Pottermore wand info (length, wood type, core) but that has a truly original and unique design, then select the "one of a kind" option. 

***please note that the one of a kind design is not entirely customizable. We will customize it to your Pottermore wand information, but we can't guarantee specifics outside of that. We do our very best to incorporate all that we can. If you would like specific details, message us for a custom wand.***

***We did not come up with the original 3 Pottermore wand designs, and anything we create are hand made wooden replicas of them.***

Made-to-order: This wand will be ready to ship within 6-8 weeks. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
I want a refund

I placed the order last fall and still received nothing. I repeatedly used the information provided on the seller's web site, trying to determine the status of the order. I then tried to cancel the order, since I gave up waiting. I received no response to any of my inquiries or my request to cancel and send me a refund. Months later, there was an e-mail talking about a disruption due to the pandemic. While I understand the pandemic took a toll on all of us - I work for a hospital - sending an explanation for unfulfilled orders months after they were placed is not a good business practice. Unacceptable.

Great Wand

I got a great wand. It turned out better than I expected. I will probably order another one soon.

Awesome work!

The wand itself was fantastic!
It felt light and easy and it had some really beautiful details on it!
It came in a nice box and had the details about your wandwood and core in it.

Super happy with everything about it! Thanks!

I love my wand!

The wand is perfect! I asked for metal to be incorporated into it and they did it. Thank you Osborne’s Wand Shop! I will be ordering again in the future!


I asked if metal could be incorporated into the handle and my request was granted! I love my wand and it is awesome! I will be ordering more in the future!