Pottermore Replica Custom Wand

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We can create a wooden replica of the wand Pottermore chose for you, or we can create a wand that is truly unique and one of a kind based on your Pottermore stats.


Which option do I choose? 

-If you would like one of Pottermore's original 3 designs, select the design that matches your Pottermore profile. 

-If you would like a wand that is tailored to your Pottermore wand info (length, wood type, core) but that has a truly original and unique design, then select the "one of a kind" option. 

***please note that the one of a kind design is not entirely customizable. We will customize it to your Pottermore wand information, but we can't guarantee specifics outside of that. We do our very best to incorporate all that we can. If you would like specific details, message us for a custom wand.***

***We did not come up with the original 3 Pottermore wand designs, and anything we create are hand made wooden replicas of them.***

Made-to-order: This wand will be ready to ship within 8-12 weeks

Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews
Mystic Moon Unicorn
Worth the wait!

I ordered this wand last Oct 2020 hoping to receive it by Christmas but due to the pandemic and other circumstances my excitement over this wand was delayed but it is well worth the wait as I absolutely love the wand when it finally arrived and I held it. It's lighter than I expected but it does weigh like a wand that I made out of a fallen branch but just a little bit heavier. Even though it took months to get to me, every email I sent regarding its arrival was answered. Thank you for this wand.

Michael N.
Long Wait but Well Worth

Wand - 4/5 Stars

I'll go ahead put the main con first so I can focus on the pros. Due to several factors outside of the wandmaker's control (pandemic, the wandmaker also had to have - I believe - kidney surgery that he was recovering from for several months). This led to a multi-month communication silence with no updates. Along with that, when my wand was finished and shipped out of Oklahoma, there was a 7+ day delay between shipping updates which led to the wand being 10 days late (it was supposed to arrive on 03MAY2020 and it arrived on 13MAY2020).

It look exactly like my wand on Pottermore looks and the texturing in the grip feeling very nice and not invasive. It weighs less than I was expecting which is a very nice surprise.

Wand Box - 4/5 Stars

I was expecting the wand box to be of a bit higher quality but for a $5 optional purchase I can't really complain.

James Culp
Great Wand

I got a great wand. It turned out better than I expected. I will probably order another one soon.

Awesome work!

The wand itself was fantastic!
It felt light and easy and it had some really beautiful details on it!
It came in a nice box and had the details about your wandwood and core in it.

Super happy with everything about it! Thanks!

Kurt Reid
I love my wand!

The wand is perfect! I asked for metal to be incorporated into it and they did it. Thank you Osborne’s Wand Shop! I will be ordering again in the future!