Two Piece Wand Box - Gold Foil Stamp

We finally have our own custom wand boxes! (Wands not included with box)

Every wand deserves a place for safe keeping.

This is a two piece, white wand box that can hold wands up to 15" in length. Each box will have the gold foil stamp of an "O" on the outside of the box. Fabric will be included on the inside. The color of fabric is up to you; just choose whichever you prefer most out of the options, or if you would rather, we can choose the color that we think will go best with your wand. There is no padding under the fabric. 

 **wands displayed in pictures not included**

Customer Reviews

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Hand craftsmanship of perfection

The box and wand are exquisite. It's very unique and personalized - just like Olivander's. So it's with the warmest recommendations that young or older witches or wizards go to Osborne's to get their new wands. But remember it's the wand who chooses the wizard.

Really stunning and brilliant craftsmanship.

Exquisite craftsmanship

Hand crafted and high quality! Osborne’s wands are as exquisite as Olivander’s himself

Nice Box

The box, itself, is really nice. I felt that the inside could have been a bit more exciting. The look of the fabric and paper card stock have some room for improvement. Now, I will buy a box again with the next wand, especially, in the absence of another option. Just saying, I would happily pay more for a plusher, fancier box, if one were available. All in all the wand was wonderful.

Love the box

I loved my box but I also orta wand and have not received that yet nor have I received any other correspondence on it. It was ordered through order #1430248757 please give me any update on my order. Thank you

Fancy Box!

The box is really nice and added to the magic of opening my wand for the first time. I definitely recommend it!


The box looks and feels amazing