Wand Chooses the Wizard Wand

YOU now have the opportunity to be fitted for your very own wand. No one else in the world will have your wand. 

The Process to Receiving Your Wand: 

1. Select the tier of wand (apprentice, classic, master, legendary). Each tier has differences in design and pricing. 

2. Select the magic style. What type of magic will you use your wand for the most?

3. This is optional, but it does aid us in creating your wand. We have a questionnaire, and we will use your responses in the wand creation process.   



There are four separate tier options. Each tier includes wands that are made with high quality materials, and each has its own one of a kind magical design expertly crafted.

Apprentice: simple in design, natural and rustic; fresh wands ready to begin a magical adventure with a novice witch or wizard.

Classic: elegantly designed and shaped/carved to fit just about any person in the world who needs a precise and reliable wand to channel their magic. 

Master: detailed creations that display great power and awe from top quality materials with strong features that reflect the greatest magical beings that are able to wield them.

Legendary: unmatched and fierce in personality from intricate ruins and gems to a whimsical style; ancient wands with an epic history once recited by all, recovered and maintained; are extremely selective to its owners, requiring only the purest mbond for the greatest magical potential to be reached and leave its signjature mark on the world time and time again.


 **Our "Wand Chooses The Wizard" products are not fully customizable. We take into consideration any information you provide us with, but if you have specifics in mind, please message us, and we will create a custom wand for you. The examples in the pictures are wands that have happily chosen their wizard/witch and moved on.**


Made-to-order: This wand will be ready to ship within 4-6 weeks