Wand Chooses The Wizard Wand

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This listing is NOT for a custom wand or very specific requests. 

Have you ever wondered what your very own wand would look like? Well, now you have the opportunity to be fitted for just that. We create your wand based on your responses to our questionnaire and magic style. This specific wand listing is not for you if you have very specific requests including exact wand stats or specific designs. It is fantastic for those who like the element of surprise and who do not have a wand already envisioned in their mind. 

The Process to Receiving Your Wand:        

1. Select the magic style. What type of magic will you use your wand for the most?

2. Complete our wand chooses the wizard questionnaire (this is optional).. This helps us in crafting your wand. Only do the questionnaire if you are purchasing the wand.  Questionnaire

 Made-to-order: This wand will be ready to ship in about 4-6 weeks. 

 **Our "Wand Chooses The Wizard" products are not fully customizable. We take into consideration any information you provide us with, but if you have absolute specifics in mind, please message us, and we will create a custom wand for you. The examples in the pictures are wands that have happily chosen their wizard/witch and moved on.**

Customer Reviews

Based on 79 reviews
Best Wand Shop Ever!

My wand just arrived from the mail, and I was really excited when I opened it! I was so surprised by the design of the wand, and I recommend this wand shop to others! Though it did take a while to get here it was so worth it. Can’t wait to bring it to Universal!

Morgan Cudd
Super satisfied

Blew it out of the park! Couldn’t be more satisfied with the finished product. Excellent craftsmanship!

Dani Darko
Wingardium LeviAWESOME

The wand is incredible. Thank you so much for it. It's beautiful and just awesome. I love having a wand that is the same as what I got on Pottermore ... when it was called Pottermore. I totally recommend buying yours from here! You won't be disappointed.

Jacob Bowen

Great workmanship can’t wait to order more

Aziz F.

It's good and well made. I like it. Waiting to buy more as right now everything is sold out