Fantasy Style Wand (Wand Chooses The Wizard)

YOU now have the opportunity to be fitted for your very own wand. No one else in the world will have your wand. 

The Fantasy Style wands are very individualized and come from a hybrid selection that is as unique and different as the various types of fantasy worlds we all know.

There will always be something specific integrated with each wand whether it is from the medieval time period or more along the lines of an animal kingdom inspired wand. Some might even have gems and stones or even scales and wings and bones. 

The Process to Receiving Your Wand: 

1. This is optional, but you should totally do it! We have a questionnaire set up to add to the whole experience. You will answer some questions and we will use your responses in choosing the wand for you. 



     **Our "Wand Chooses The Wizard" products aren't fully customizable. We take into consideration any information you provide us with, but if you have specifics in mind, please message us, and we will create a custom wand for you. The examples in the pictures are wands that have happily chosen their wizard/witch and moved on.**


    Made-to-order: This wand will be ready to ship within 4-6 weeks

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    better then what they sell at universal

    Love the idea of having a one off. She loves it


    Beautifully made wand that totally exceeded my expectations. The wait time was long (roughly a month), but the wait was worth it. Thank you so much!


    I love it so much. Ive wanted a wand of my own ever since I was a middle schooler reading the Potter series the first time around. This one is perfect. Im nerding out so much. You can tell how much time and detail is put into each wand.


    Love the design especially the handle resembles a Phoenix and that's my wand's core it was worth the money paying for it. I think I'm gonna order another wand soon for how much I love this one


    The Wand Chooses The Wizard


    Amazing service from an amazing shop! It took a little while to get to me but boy was it worth it! ☺️✨